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Our History

Picture of a temple From a small grove in New York to the islands of the South Pacific and the savannas of Africa, diverse places and peoples make up Community of Christ’s story. Our history has grown and is now shared by hundreds of thousands of believers across the world. Read more...

Our Local History

Alpena Congregation was organized on August 1, 1892 with 19 people present. Elder George Jenkinson was the first pastor. Services were held in a small store building located on the corner of Oldfield and Pine streets. In 1912, a wood frame building located on Fletcher Street was purchased. Membership was then 86. In March of 1920, Wm. H. Kissack began keeping a record book of branch activities.

On September 6, 1945, a meeting was held to discuss plans for a new church building. Roy Reynolds was chosen Chairman of the Building Committee. The following year, Allan McNiel offered his services as building engineer to draw up plans for the new church building. On March 31, 1946, the Clinton Street site was chosen for the building site. The building plans were completed in 1954 and the Ground-breaking ceremonies were held on April 29, 1955 with Apostle Chesworth present.

While waiting for the new church to be enclosed, church was held for a while upstairs in the Odd Fellows Hall and then at the Pied Piper Center on Pied Piper Road. The first meeting held in the new church in the basement was on December 18, 1955. Further work was held up until some debts were paid up. But all unfinished work on the church was completed by the Fall of 1967. Formal Dedication of the church was on October 8, 1972.

In 1976, a new piano was purchased in memory of Claude Scott and Alta Worthington. And in May 1980 a new Baldwin Organ was purchased. The most recent addition was a three-octave set of hand-bells purchased during July of 1982. The branch initiated its Commission system in 1982, being the first in the District to do so.

Christ’s Mission, Our Mission

An image with a people and the words Christs mission our mission on it

The Community of Christ Alpena is focused on the whole mission of Jesus Christ through five Mission Initiatives:

A small icon of a cross Invite People to Christ

To share the peace of Jesus Christ with those who are waiting to hear the redeeming words of the gospel.

A small icon of a heart Abolish Poverty, End Suffering

To be Christs hands and feet, reaching out through compassionate ministries that serve the poor and hungry and stop conditions that diminish the worth of people.

A small icon of a dove Pursue Peace on Earth

To restore Christs covenant of peace, even the Zion of our hopes. The hope of Zion will become reality when we live Christ’s peace and generously share his peace with others.

A small icon of a twist Develop Disciples to Serve

To equip men, women, and children to be true and living expressions of the life ministry and continuing presence of Christ in the world.

A small icon of a spiral Experience Congregations in Mission

To become congregations that are the true and living expressions of Jesus Christ, woven together by the Spirit, and sent into the world as evangelistic witnesses, compassionate ministers, and justice and peace makers.

Our Enduring Principles

An image of a cross Our Enduring Principles define the essence, heart, and soul of our faith community.
They describe the personality of our church as expressed throughout the world.

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